After opening March 2006, Danny’s Place Youth Center has been supported and managed by Danny’s Place Youth Services (DPYS), a privately funded non-profit organization managed by its Board of Directors. Since its inception, the mission of DPYS was to provide a physical drop-in space and to run programs for youth that supported health and wellness through fun activities and entertainment. The Youth Center has proven to be a haven of social and emotional support for our community’s youth at a critical stage in their development.

Danny’s Place Youth Center closed in April 2014 because it could no longer be housed in its former location, resulting in a change of direction from a drop-in-centric model to program-centric model. Danny’s Place Youth Services opened at its new location, 537 Massachusetts Avenue, Unit 301 in Acton, Massachusetts. This change of direction is not seen as an ending but as the next chapter in the life of the organization.

In January 2016, Danny’s Place Youth Services moved to 525 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite A, Acton, Massachusetts.  We did not move very far–next door–but it is a more convenient location for all.  We are located in the lower level of the “Blue House”.  Our direction remains program-centric with a focus on balanced living for teens.