Adult Volunteers

DPYS offers volunteer opportunities to adults in the community in the areas listed below. Individuals interested in volunteering with DPYS are required to complete an Adult Volunteer Application to be reviewed by the Executive Director.

  • Community Partnership Proposal Review Committee
  • 4-H Program
  • The U-Project
  • Life and Leadership Skills
  • Special events
  • Operation of DPYS
  • Community service
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative Support

APPLY TO VOLUNTEER: Click here to download the DPYS Adult Volunteer Application.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

U Project Mentors

Purpose: To encourage and support the student project managers through the duration of their project.
Time Commitment: September to May, 1 ½ hours every other week
Location: Meetings will be held at DPYS, 537 Massachusetts Ave, Unit 301, Acton
Qualifications: Project Management experience preferred
Key Responsibilities:

  • Be available to answer questions and navigate problems
  • Meet to review the entire project proposal
  • Set up a schedule to check in until project completion
  • Meet with students as their projects progress
  • Make suggestions and ask questions to promote thought and ideas
  • Help with establishing contacts, reviewing budgets and timelines.
  • Distribute any pre-approved funds from DPYS
  • Provide financial guidance throughout the project
  • Approve any budget modifications
  • Help document success and accomplishments
  • Assist student/team in planning end of year display